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M.D. Program

Admissions and Application Process

M.D. students reviewing notes together

Submission deadlines and admissions timeline

At Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, we look for more than bright minds. We seek students who want to change lives, transform health care, and define the future of medicine. Learn more about your next steps for application.

Application window June 1-Oct. 1
Deadline to complete prerequisite courses June 15
Invitations for interviews are sent August-November
Campus interviews take place September-December
Deadline to post MCAT scores to AMCAS application Oct. 15
Deadline to submit transcripts Oct. 15
Deadline to submit application fee(s) Nov. 15
Deadline to submit letters of recommendation Nov. 15
Initial offers sent to candidates February
Waitlist offers sent to candidates February-July

Prerequisites and requirements

Review the academic and test prerequisites and technical standards for all students applying for admission to the M.D. Program at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. Transfer students are not accepted.

Letters of recommendation

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine requires a minimum of three letters of recommendation or a composite letter from a premedical committee to supplement your application. Learn more about our requirements and how to submit your letters of recommendation.

Guidelines for letters of recommendation

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine requires three letters of recommendation or a composite letter from a premedical committee. 

Your recommendations should be written by people who know you well and whose opinions have bearing on the likelihood of your success in medical school. At least one of the recommendations should be from a member of the science faculty. A letter from a teaching assistant is acceptable. A maximum of 10 letters are accepted.

Recommendation letters must be submitted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Letter Service.

If invited to complete a secondary application, the review of your application file will continue upon receipt of the secondary application, secondary fee, and the minimum required letters of recommendation.

The deadline for receipt of letters of recommendation is Nov. 15, and no extensions are given.

AMCAS Letter Service

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine only accepts recommendation letters submitted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Letter Service. Letters sent directly to the school are not accepted. Applicants are encouraged to visit the letter service page on the AMCAS website for more information. To ensure efficient processing of your letters by AMCAS, carefully follow all instructions.

How to apply

Students in the M.D. Program receive outstanding, integrated clinical and research training and also acquire the skills to be leaders in an ever-changing and challenging health care environment. We encourage you to apply and join us for an unparalleled medical training experience.

Application: Apply now

Online application

Complete the electronic application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications are accepted June 1 through Oct. 1.

Given the highly competitive nature of our program, early submission of application materials is strongly encouraged.

Application requirements

All applications submitted to AMCAS must include:

  • Online AMCAS application. Students can submit the application from June 1 to Oct. 1. No extensions will be granted.
  • Transcripts. All academic transcripts must be submitted to AMCAS by Oct. 15. No extensions will be granted.
  • Application processing/secondary fee. Students selected for secondary review will be required to pay a $120 processing fee by Nov. 15, unless granted a fee waiver by AMCAS. No extensions will be granted.
  • Letters of recommendation. Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine will request letters of recommendation from applicants selected for final review and interview consideration. Letters can be submitted prior to this request, but will not be reviewed until the request has been formally made by the chair of the Admissions Committee. Review Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine letters of recommendation requirements and submit letters of recommendation through the AMCAS Letter Service by Nov. 15.
M.D.-Ph.D. training program

If you are interested in M.D.-Ph.D. training, visit the Medical Scientist Training Program website for more information.

Transcript and application fees

Application fees

For those applicants invited to submit the secondary application, an application filing fee of $120 must be submitted upon request. This fee is waived for all applicants who have been granted an AMCAS fee waiver. The application fee deadline is Nov. 15. No extensions to this deadline will be granted.

Transcript submission

Transcripts for all previously completed academic programs must be submitted to AMCAS no later than Oct. 15. No extensions to this deadline will be granted.

Primary application: Minnesota campus, Arizona campus, or both

In the primary application through AMCAS for the M.D. Program at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, applicants select their campus(es) of choice:

  • Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine — Minnesota campus
  • Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine — Arizona campus

Applicants may apply to either or both campuses. Applicants who meet our most recent MCAT threshold of 508 (or higher) will be considered for Secondary Application invitation. There is a separate secondary fee for each campus. Applications are reviewed by separate campus admissions subcommittees. Deliberations and decisions are managed separately by each subcommittee. Campus location decisions are largely determined by the applicants and are not randomly assigned by committees.

Secondary application: Florida FOCUS (2+2 track)

If you are invited to submit a secondary application, you will have the opportunity to be considered for the Florida FOCUS (2+2) track. This select track allows students to spend their first two years based on either the Minnesota or Arizona campus and the final two years based on the Florida campus, which is known for its work in neuroscience, cancer, global health, and health disparities.

Up to 12 students from the total applicant pool will be selected for this option during the 2019 application cycle. Students begin their studies in either Minnesota or Arizona and then relocate to Florida prior to the 2021-2022 academic year.

Applicants may:

  • Choose to be considered for the Florida FOCUS 2+2 track. If yes, then indicate order of preference. Applicants selecting the Florida 2+2 track as their first preference will receive priority consideration for review by the Florida Campus Admissions Subcommittee and a potential interview on the Florida campus.
  • Choose to not be considered for this track and only be considered for the four-year core program in Arizona and/or Minnesota.

In addition to the Florida FOCUS section on the secondary application, applicants must answer additional essay questions, verify completion of the required coursework, and pay the secondary fee.

Application review process

The Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine Campus Admissions Subcommittees are composed of current and retired Mayo Clinic staff, administrators, residents, and medical students. Due to the increasing volume of highly competitive applications received each year, not all applications will receive an 'eyes on' review by committee members. The subcommittee reviews applications until all interview slots have been filled for the season. Acceptance decisions are made when the interview season has ended on all campuses, and the campus admissions subcommittee has deliberated and assigned final committee scores to all applications. The initial round of acceptances is expected in February and is followed by the creation of waitlists for each campus/track.

Selection criteria

The committee considers these factors when selecting students:

  • Academic performance
  • MCAT score/percentile
  • GPA
  • Depth and breadth of all experiences, including community and volunteer service, leadership and research, exposure to and exploration of medicine, artistic and athletic endeavors, and work experiences
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Learn more about the M.D. Program prerequisites and admission requirements.

Application updates

Significant experiential updates will be accepted after an applicant has been invited for an on-campus interview. No updates will be accepted prior to this time. These brief updates should be a paragraph or less within the text of an email to the Admissions Office. PDF updates and other attachments will not be processed.

We do not require or accept any updates to transcripts or grades. No materials should be mailed to the Admissions Office unless specifically requested. Applicants should not call the Admissions Office to check on application status.

Offers of acceptance and waitlist

Initial offers of acceptance (appointment) will begin following the interview season, typically mid-February. The waitlist will be created by the end of February. Offers of acceptance from the waitlist will be made until the first day of class in mid-July.

Campus interviews

Not only do campus interviews allow us to meet our applicants, but they also let applicants meet us and some of their potential classmates, tour the campus and surrounding community, and ask any questions they may have.

Interview invites

Interview invitations are emailed August through November and conducted from early September through mid-December. Offers of acceptance (appointments) will be made from the group of applicants selected for interviews.

Before your interview

The Campus Admissions Operations Subcommittees review completed applications and select qualified applicants for on-campus interviews at each of the Mayo Clinic campuses. If you are invited for an on-campus interview, you must be able to attend an interview on-site. We do not offer phone interviews or regional interviews.

  • We interview on Mondays and Fridays from September through mid-December.
  • If you are selected, an admissions coordinator will work with you to schedule a day to accommodate your schedule.
  • You will receive information to arrange either hotel accommodations or stay with a medical student host.

Interview day

The interview day at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine begins at 8 a.m. with introductions and orientation. It includes a tour of campus, a student panel with lunch, and a question-and-answer session with the chair of the Campus Admissions Subcommittee. Candidates also have the opportunity to meet with current students, staff, and faculty throughout the day. Each prospective student will have two 30-minute interviews with members of the Campus Admissions Subcommittee.

Interview day includes plenty of "explore time" to rest, relax, or walk around the extensive Mayo Clinic campus. Scheduled sessions on interview day are generally completed by 3 p.m.

The basic components of the interview day are the same in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida, but specific schedule items vary at each campus. More details are provided with the invitation to interview.

Admissions contact information

Arizona campus

Patricia Rodriguez
Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 480-301-9643

Florida campus

Zachary Huston
Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 904-953-7897

Minnesota campus

Teresa Koski
Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 507-266-5568