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The three-year Family Medicine Residency in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is the perfect place to learn and practice full-spectrum family medicine. Here, you will deliver care in state-of-the-art Mayo Clinic facilities and quench your passion to become a physician leader.

Our talented and energetic faculty members work to prepare the next generation of family physicians to improve care, improve health, and improve life in our community and around the world.

As a trainee, you will:

  • Develop comprehensive skills in both outpatient and inpatient medicine
  • Master procedural skills, including maternity care
  • Practice team-based care and population health management
  • Grow your leadership skills
  • Learn to effectively integrate your career and your personal life

Our focus is on you and your goals. We support you as you become an outstanding family physician who practices and leads high-quality, patient-centered, team-based care.

Video overview: Family Medicine Residency in Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Video overview: Family Medicine Residency in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Your training experience

Your training experience

As a resident at Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire, you'll have access to robust clinical and educational resources. You'll find support both inside and outside of the campus to promote physical and mental wellness and ensure your work/life balance.

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Frequently asked questions (and answers)

What kind of procedures do you learn?

Because family medicine is the only specialty with a residency in Eau Claire, you get opportunities to practice and master the full scope of procedures in family medicine.

We provide fantastic training in workshops and on models, and you'll perform procedures — such as dermatologic procedures, joint injections, casting and splinting, colposcopies, IUD insertions, vaginal deliveries, and many others — for your own patients.

How does obstetrics fit into your curriculum?

We provide an immersive labor and delivery experience in the first year of the program, where you learn fantastic labor management and delivery skills from family physicians, OB/GYNs, and midwives.

Then, in your second and third years, you provide care for pregnant women on a continuity basis so that you are both their primary care provider and their primary maternity care provider.

What is the call schedule like?

We carefully put together highly valuable on-call experiences that simulate what you might see in practice when you graduate.

As a first-year resident, you have a few overnight call experiences when on labor and delivery or on the Admitting Service to help you learn the skills needed to "be on call."

In your second and third years, you take call from home when you are on the inpatient Family Medicine Teaching Service. You spend a week at a time on the service every five weeks, and you take call from home three or four nights during that one week. That is really the only regularly scheduled overnight call and averages out to be one in eight days for PGY-2s and one in 11 days for PGY-3s.

If you are wondering what being on call from home looks like, think about what most physicians in the "real world" do — manage things by phone when they can and go into the hospital when necessary. We prepare you well with the skills you need to manage a home-call physician role while simultaneously getting you ready for life beyond residency.

Can the residency help my significant other find employment?

Yes. With Mayo Clinic Health System being such an integral part of the community, we have extensive connections in a variety of areas (not just medicine) in and around Eau Claire, and we would be happy to help your significant other find a niche in the region.

Do residents have a voice in decision-making?

Absolutely! We actively seek input from residents all the time through monthly resident and faculty meetings, meetings between residents and their advisers, regular meetings between residents and the program director, and the annual program evaluation. We cannot run a great program without meeting your needs and hearing your voice clearly and often.


The Family Medicine Residency is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, with osteopathic recognition.


When you successfully complete the residency, you will be eligible to take the family medicine board exam offered by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Program history

Mayo Clinic's Family Medicine Residency in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was accredited in 2016. Our first class of residents started in 2017. The training is founded on an apprenticeship model of learning where residents are often working one-on-one with talented faculty and preceptors.