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Additional Training

Residents in training as part of the Internal Medicine Residency program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida

At the conclusion of the Internal Medicine Residency, you may wish to continue your graduate medical education in another Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education program.

The Internal Medicine Residency has workshops every year devoted to career planning and fellowship applications. These workshops include subspecialty program directors and program administrators, as well as residents who have recently completed the interview trail. Our residency is very successful in matching in competitive fellowships. Our faculty is very active in supporting resident success in achieving each resident's fellowship of choice.

In addition, there are mock interviews available and a session on curriculum vitae preparation. Residents have advisers from the pool of core faculty, associate program directors, as well as academic mentors.

If you’re accepted for a fellowship, you continue to receive in-depth, daily, one-on-one training with a consultant. You also have the opportunity to increase your own supervisory and administrative skills.

Aerospace Medicine

Internal Medicine residents posing for a group photo in front of an aircraft during their four-week Aerospace Medicine elective.

Aerospace Medicine is a four-week elective for PGY-2 and PGY-3 Internal Medicine residents at the Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Florida. Aerospace Medicine faculty include Dr. Michael Harrison, Dr. Dana Herrigel, Dr. Leigh Speicher, and Dr. Michelle Freeman. Multiple subspecialty experts also contribute to the course. Dr. Thomas Flipse from cardiology and Dr. Joseph Sirven from neurology teach didactic sessions on cardiac and neurologic aspects of clinical aerospace medicine.

The curriculum includes teaching the Federal Aviation Administration exam, CO2 and high altitude medicine, G-Forces and cardiology, spacial disorientation and aerodynamics, astronaut recovery, a mass-casualty simulation drill designed by Mayo Clinic for SpaceX, and in-person visits to the Kennedy Space Center and Jacksonville Air National Guard F-15 division (pictured here in October 2021). Individual and group research projects allow learners to delve into aerospace medicine research. Hands-on procedural learning includes ultrasound use in aerospace medicine, simulations for astronaut recovery, crew resource management, and simulated in-flight emergencies.

Video: The Amazing Race - Aeromedical Evacuation


Video: The Amazing Race - Aeromedical Evacuation

Video: Mayo Clinic's Aerospace Medicine Elective 2022


Video: Mayo Clinic's Aerospace Medicine Elective 2022

Health care advocacy

One of our core faculty members, Dr. Jennifer Cowart, leads a health care advocacy curriculum.

The curriculum includes noon conferences on federal and state government assistance programs, private insurance, and current programs and proposals being considered in the legislature.

Internal medicine residents at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, have the opportunity each winter to write one-page briefs on topics of interest being considered by the Florida state legislatures, and then travel with Dr. Cowart to Tallahassee, Florida, in January to make in-person presentations to the Senate and House subcommittees on health care in the state of Florida. Topics presented by our residents included new regulations on controlled substance prescribing in the state in January 2020 and telemedicine regulations in January 2022.

Advancement opportunities

Advancement opportunities for this program are continually expanding to include new areas of specialization, including quality improvement, research, education, and leadership.

Programs include:

  • The Clinician Investigator Training Program provides an integrated, comprehensive educational research experience. The program includes six months of research during PGY-3 and a fellowship position of your choice at Mayo Clinic.
  • If you’re interested in leadership, the health care administration and leadership program include resident representative spots on institutional committees.
  • If your passion is education, Mayo Clinic offers “Residents as Teachers” training sessions and the Mayo Clinic Education Academy.
  • Mayo Clinic Quality Academy offers gold, silver, and bronze certifications for residents interested in quality and patient safety metrics.