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The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science Academy Speakers Bureau exists to empower and upskill Academy members to be educational leaders, teachers, speakers, and experts on evidence-based faculty development strategies that will foster innovative educational approaches, develop new resources, and largely contribute to and add value to the Mayo Clinic education community at large. 

The Speakers Bureau aims to advance Mayo Clinic educators’ careers and skill sets, build international acclaim, and promote excellence in faculty development that fosters innovative educational approaches in topics such as teaching, curriculum design, assessment, evaluation, feedback, mentorship, and education leadership.

Through the Speakers Bureau, we strive to increase the value of Mayo Clinic education programs by selecting knowledgeable and ambitious Academy member educators to facilitate and present education-related faculty development workshops relating to their experience and expertise in medical education at Mayo Clinic and beyond. 

  • Step #1: We recommend that you read through the facilitator guide documents on our SIX Pack intranet page.
  • Step #2: If you are interested in recruiting an Academy of Educational Excellence member within your department/division to help facilitate the session, we encourage you to reference the list of current members.
  • Step #3: For more information on facilitating internal faculty development sessions across the Mayo Clinic enterprise, contact Jay Homme, M.D., director of the Speakers Bureau, and/or Heather Billings, Ph.D.

Benefits of membership

By becoming a member of the Speakers Bureau, you'll have the opportunity to shine on a national and international stage, becoming a recognized authority in medical education.

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Speakers Bureau presentation toolkit

This toolkit is packed with resources to upskill our leaders in providing faculty development.