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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Legal Department?

The Mayo Clinic Legal Department can be contacted at 507-284-5144 and

What if I need assistance during off-hours or on a weekend?

If you have an immigration-related matter that is of the utmost urgency, call Mayo Clinic’s general number at 1-507-284-2511. Ask to talk with a member of the Legal Department with immigration expertise.

Can I do a clinical rotation outside of Mayo Clinic while in H-1B status?

Work with your department to obtain approval for the clinical rotation. If approved, our office should be contacted to discuss further.

Who do I contact when I have changed my address?

For those in H-1B or TN status, update your address on the case management system and fill out Form AR-11.

For those sponsored by ECFMG, update your OASIS account.

For all other visa statuses, contact our office at

When will my status be updated or extended?

Work with your department and program/education coordinator to ensure a request has been sent to the legal department to update or extend your visa status.

Am I subject to the two-year home requirement?

Will Mayo Clinic sponsor me for a Green Card?

If you hold a training-based appointment as a student, resident, or fellow, you are not eligible for Mayo Clinic Green Card Sponsorship. Only individuals in employment-based positions may be considered for sponsorship when certain conditions exist.

Can I apply for a visa in a country other than my home country?

The U.S. Department of State strongly recommends applying for visas in your home country.

While third country visa processing may be possible, you should be aware that you may be selected at the time of your visa interview for Administrative Processing. This type of processing requires extensive background checks and under this circumstance you should expect that your visa application request may take a few weeks to several months to resolve. You will not be able to reenter the United States while you undergo Administrative Processing, so you will need to be prepared for potentially long-term accommodations.

You are encouraged to discuss the potential risks involved with third country visa processing and whether it makes sense for you with the Legal Department prior to making travel plans. Please make your supervisor and other interested parties aware of the potential risks involved with third country visa processing before scheduling your visa interview.