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Maintaining Status

The following job changes should be reported to Mayo Clinic’s Legal Department at least 90 days prior to the change in condition taking place:

  • H-1B is job specific. The number of hours, job title, nature of job duties, and salary are all specified in the H-1B petition. Thus, an H-1B status holder is authorized to work only for the employer that sponsored the H-1B position, and may not work or receive payment from any other employer in the U.S. (including honoraria).
  • H-1B is location specific. Work that will be performed outside of your primary worksite may require an amendment of the H-1B petition.
  • H-1B is time specific. H-1B status can initially be granted for a period of up to three years, which is renewable for a maximum of six years with some exceptions.
  • An H-1B worker may only be engaged in those activities specified within the corresponding H-1B petition. Planned changes in duties, full-time employment, job title, and work location (including working remotely).
  • An H-1B worker must monitor the need for extensions. Mayo Clinic’s Legal Department will also monitor needs for extensions, but it is the foreign national who is ultimately responsible for their own maintenance of status.
  • An H-1B worker must refrain from unauthorized employment.
  • An H-1B worker must maintain a valid passport while in the U.S. Copies of new or extended passports should be provided to Mayo Clinic’s Legal Department.

Report changes of address to U.S. Citizenship and Mayo Clinic’s Legal Department within 10 days by submitting Form AR-11