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J-1 ECFMG Scholars

We welcome your interest in Mayo Clinic’s graduate medical education training programs.  Our residents and fellows are often sponsored for clinical training programs using the J-1 classification by the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). 


ECFMG facilitates J-1 visa sponsorship through the coordinated efforts of training institutions such as Mayo Clinic and foreign national physician applicants. ECFMG will verify that you meet the J-1 eligibility requirements while Mayo Clinic will provide you with approved clinical training. Mayo Clinic has several designated Training Program Liaisons (TPL) who serve as official representatives to communicate and coordinate important information about your clinical training program to ECFMG.

The Mayo Clinic Legal Department will contact you with information on how to obtain the DS-2019. Upon establishing your eligibility, ECFMG will issue you the Form DS-2019, Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status.

You may also request Form DS-2019 by e-mailing to enable your dependents (spouse and unmarried, minor children under age 21) to apply for the J-2 dependent status as needed. The issuance of the DS-2019 form indicates that you and your dependents, if any, are eligible to apply for the J visa.

Additional information about ECFMG sponsorship can be found in the ECFMG Information Booklet.

No moonlighting policy

To moonlight is to hold a second job in addition to the primary job to which you have been appointed as a resident or fellow. ECFMG has a strict policy that prohibits moonlighting. In other words, if you are sponsored by ECFMG for clinical training you are ineligible to moonlight.There are no exceptions. See ECFMG's No-Moonlighting Policy.