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Virtual Teaching: Minimalist Guide to Virtual Teaching

31-60 minutes | Teaching

This guide is a mini-course/collection of resources and tips developed by the medical school for faculty development to help quickly transition from in-person to virtual teaching. Click to self-enroll in Blackboard.

  • By: Patti Thorn, Ph.D., Natalie Langley, Ph.D., and Maree Stone
  • Format: Course
  • Relevant for: UME

Virtual Teaching Toolkit EXTERNAL WEBSITE

1-10 minutes | Teaching

This online toolkit offers educators resources and recommendations that can be immediately utilized for transitioning your content to a virtual learning environment.

  • By: Association of College and University Educators
  • Format: Quick Reference
  • Relevant for: Allied, Basic Science, GME, UME

Take 5: Establishing an Optimal Virtual Learning Environment

1-10 minutes | Teaching

As educators, we must continue to engage with our learners despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic. As the educational landscape shifts, virtual teaching has become necessary. Dr. Jeff Geske shares 5 practical strategies to develop an optimal virtual learning environment.

  • By: Jeffery Geske, MD
  • Format: Video
  • Relevant for: Allied, Basic Science, GME, UME

Take 5: Virtual Visit Teaching Encounters: Strategies for Success

1-10 minutes | Feedback and Supervision, Teaching

As medical educators we must be prepared to teach during these virtual visits and provide learners opportunities to practice and receive feedback on effective methods of the patient evaluation during such visits. Dr. Jesse Bracamonte shares five effective strategies you can use to ensure your next t

  • By: Jesse Bracamonte, D.O.
  • Format: Video
  • Relevant for: Allied, GME, UME