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When selecting your career path in medical school, how did you come to decide on internal medicine?

Internal medicine is similar to solving a puzzle – it involves intricate thought processes and broad differentials, making it an easy pick for someone like me. I enjoy the dynamic nature of internal medicine because it challenges me intellectually by the variety and complexity of medical problems I encounter, and it provides me the ongoing opportunity to work closely with my patients.

What drew you to Mayo Clinic for your residency training?

I looked for a program that offered rigorous training by world-renowned physicians, emphasized patient care, and had a strong track record for fellowship placement, as I hope to pursue a career in hematology/oncology. Mayo Clinic surpassed my expectations on interview day. The current residents were engaging and friendly and I learned about cutting-edge research opportunities available during residency, which included Mayo encouraging residents to attend conferences and share their work with others in the field. All-in-all, I learned Mayo offered opportunities beyond what I initially thought possible in residency, and so I was sold. My interviews and discussions with other residents indicated that Mayo would be a great fit for me.

What has been your partner’s experience finding a job in Rochester?

My husband is an engineer and we were concerned about coming to Rochester, Minnesota, as opposed to a tech-centered city. With the help of Mayo Clinic after I matched, he found several job opportunities and is now a program manager for a company he loves, and only 10 minutes from our house. It may feel at first that Rochester is not competitive for your partner’s career path, but there are many great companies here. Mayo Clinic residency leadership is invested in their residents’ happiness and they are always willing to help.

Is there anything that surprised you about Mayo Clinic?

The amount of resources and support to residents is outstanding. The program leadership is extremely attentive to our needs and already since I started residency here, the program director has been working to make the program even better. Additionally, everyone here is approachable. The best part about Mayo Clinic is that I can contact any physician to ask a question and they are always willing to answer and teach.

Is there anything that surprised you about Rochester?

I am from the West Coast, so I was definitely hesitant to move away from the mountains and the ocean. However, Rochester has its own beauty. I enjoy mountain biking and fly fishing and although I was worried that I would not be able to do either, there have been plenty of opportunities locally to do so!

What are your plans following residency/where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I intend to pursue a fellowship in oncology/hematology. I find my interactions with patients most rewarding and I am passionate about research, which makes this field very appealing to me. I hope to become academic faculty that is involved in patient care while simultaneously engaging in translational research.