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When selecting your career path in medical school, how did you come to decide on internal medicine?

I ultimately decided on internal medicine because I felt the most in my element interacting with adult patients and internists! During medical school, I enjoyed integrating pathophysiology and pharmacology to manage patients with complex medical conditions. I also got to see how patients’ social, economic, and cultural backgrounds influenced their health and altered their disease course. Internal medicine allows me to practice the art and science of medicine in a manner that matches my interests.

What drew you to Mayo Clinic for your residency training?

Mayo Clinic has a long history of dedication to advancing research, refining education, and improving patient care. I wanted to train at a place that was renowned for all three. My interactions with the residents, consultants, admins, PD, and APDs during interview day showcased the collegiality of the program. On rounds, I also got to see firsthand the eagerness of some of the world’s experts to teach and how invested they were in the success of the trainees. The early subspecialty exposure, dedicated research time, and support for presenting scholarly work were some of the unique features had me convinced Mayo Clinic was the place for me to train.

How as your residency training helped you care for underserved populations?

Through the Community Internal Medicine Residents' Clinic, I serve as primary care physician for a panel of patients from a large catchment area, some of which is rural and underserved. Consequently, I have developed an appreciation for local epidemiological factors and knowledge of community resources that enable me to be the best advocate for my patients. This ongoing experience allows me to hone my cultural competence as I care for patients with complex medical conditions and significant social determinants in a holistic manner.

Is there anything that surprised you about Mayo Clinic?

I was initially and continue to be in awe of the approachability of everyone at Mayo. The vast amount of support for residents and patients also came as a surprise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences thus far as both a patient and a resident.

Is there anything that surprised you about Rochester?

Rochester is an easy place to live. Everything is very accessible within 10-15 minute drive. What Rochester lacks in natural lakes, it certainly makes up for in green outdoor spaces. There are numerous parks in and around Rochester that provide good hiking, biking, kayaking, or dog walking trails. Having lived in Metropolitan areas in the past, I enjoy the ease of living in a smaller city.

What are your plans following residency/where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself continuing to care for my patients holistically with compassion, while making meaningful contributions through academic pursuits and leadership. My current subspecialty interests are gastroenterology and critical care, but I’m keeping an open mind while courting other subspecialties.