Meet The Students

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Students enter the MSTP with many different backgrounds, interests, and plans for the future. Each year as we look through applications, we select candidates that together will make a great class. We thrive on diversity and rely on differences to make us the best we can be.

The student experience

M.D.-Ph.D. outcome statistics (2003-2018)

Where do MSTP graduates go next? The outcome statistics for 2003-2018, include: 

  • Faculty: 46%
  • Residency/Fellowship: 34%
  • Practice: 12%
  • Lost to Follow Up: 4%
  • Postdoctoral Research: 3%
  • Industry: 1%

Residency specialty choices and institutions

Residency choices

Residency Choices of 74* Graduates 2003-2017

Internal Medicine 13
Pathology 11
Radiology 11
Pediatrics 7
Anesthesiology 5
General Surgery
Radiation Oncology
Family Medicine 1
Oncology 1
Otolaryngology 1
Plastic Surgery 1

*One 2016 graduate is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT

Residency institutions

Residency Institutions of 74* Mayo Clinic MSTP Graduates (2003-2017)

Mayo Clinic 26
Harvard Medical School/BWH/MGH 6
New York Weill Cornell 4
University of Minnesota 3
Baylor College of Medicine 2
Johns Hopkins 2
Oregon Health & Science University 2
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vanderbilt University
Washington University
Cincinnati Children's Hospital  1
Duke University 1
George Washington University 1
Medical College of Wisconsin 1
New York-Presbyterian/Columbia 1
Stanford University 1
University of Pennsylvania 1
University of South Florida 1
University of Texas-San Antonio 1
University of Utah 1
University of Virginia 1
University of Washington 1
Wake Forest University 1
Wayne State University 1
Other 3

*One 2016 graduate is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT

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