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M.D.-Ph.D. Program

Meet The Students

Group of students and faculty as part of M.D.-Ph.D. Program on staircase during their annual retreatStudents enter the M.D.-Ph.D. Program with many different backgrounds, interests, and plans for the future. Each year as we look through applications, we select candidates that together will make a great class. We thrive on diversity and rely on differences to make us the best we can be.

As a student, you can expect a tight-knit group of fellow students that are involved on campus and throughout the community. Regardless of your educational goals and where they take you, you'll have the support needed for success.

The student experience

M.D.-Ph.D. outcome statistics (2003-2018)

Where do graduates go next? The outcome statistics for 2003-2018, include: 

  • Faculty: 46%
  • Residency/Fellowship: 34%
  • Practice: 12%
  • Lost to Follow Up: 4%
  • Postdoctoral Research: 3%
  • Industry: 1%

Residency specialty choices and institutions

Residency choices

Residency Choices of 74* Graduates 2003-2017

Internal Medicine 13
Pathology 11
Radiology 11
Pediatrics 7
Anesthesiology 5
General Surgery
Radiation Oncology
Family Medicine 1
Oncology 1
Otolaryngology 1
Plastic Surgery 1

*One 2016 graduate is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT

Residency institutions

Residency Institutions of 74* Mayo Clinic MSTP Graduates (2003-2017)

Mayo Clinic 26
Harvard Medical School/BWH/MGH 6
New York Weill Cornell 4
University of Minnesota 3
Baylor College of Medicine 2
Johns Hopkins 2
Oregon Health & Science University 2
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vanderbilt University
Washington University
Cincinnati Children's Hospital  1
Duke University 1
George Washington University 1
Medical College of Wisconsin 1
New York-Presbyterian/Columbia 1
Stanford University 1
University of Pennsylvania 1
University of South Florida 1
University of Texas-San Antonio 1
University of Utah 1
University of Virginia 1
University of Washington 1
Wake Forest University 1
Wayne State University 1
Other 3

*One 2016 graduate is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT

Life outside of learning: Explore the campus and community