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Health Review

Mayo Clinic Occupational Health Services (OHS) staff will review your immunization records and Post-Offer Immunization and Communicable Disease form prior to Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (MCSGME) orientation. You'll receive information and instructions from OHS on how to complete this health review pre-employment process which includes the completion of required vaccinations, tuberculosis (TB) screening, and a urine drug screen (UDS). OHS will communicate to you if any additional follow-up is needed of your health review requirements.

Attending MCSGME orientation, starting your training program, and all patient contact will be prohibited until up-to-date immunization records are documented and the pre-employment drug screen has been completed and results have been documented. Failure to complete your occupational health assessment prior to scheduled MCSGME orientation will delay your start date in the training program.

The urine drug screen (UDS) process is time-sensitive and may take up to 10 business days to confirm results and receive final clearance to participate in MCSGME orientation or start the respective training program, whichever occurs first.

Exemption forms will be available to appointed trainees when the onboarding process begins (generally three to four months prior to the program start). 

Exemptions (if requested) must be submitted within two weeks of receipt of the onboarding package. All approvals of exemptions must be received before the first day the appointment begins or the appointment will be rescinded. If an incoming trainee is part of a formal match agreement and elects not to be vaccinated or obtain an exemption prior to the program start date, Mayo Clinic will submit a request for waiver of the match agreement to rescind the appointment with the appropriate organization.

Refer to your appointment letter and onboarding packages for more information.