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Maps and Parking

Free parking is available on orientation day only in designated parking spaces. Information will be provided prior to orientation. 

If you do not use the free designated parking space, neither Mayo Clinic nor Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (MCSGME) will reimburse your parking. View an employee campus and parking map.

You'll need to register your vehicle at MCSGME orientation.

Information required:

  • Your license plate number (including the state) of any vehicle(s) you might park on Mayo Clinic property while working (especially during open parking days/times)
  • Year, make, model, and color of your vehicle(s)

At the completion of orientation, you'll receive your Mayo Clinic access card, which you'll use to access designated parking lots and ramps. Refer to the On-Campus Employee Parking Map for details on where to park during your residency or fellowship (any brown-shaded area).

Parking in Patient/Visitor Parking while working is an immediate immobilization without warning.