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About the department

The Department of Internal Medicine is the largest clinical department at Mayo Clinic. It includes more than a dozen divisions focused on all the subspecialties of internal medicine. The residencies and fellowships offered in internal medicine and its subspecialties spans across Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education's three campuses in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

About the programs

Candidates may apply to only one program at a time. You may apply to the same program at more than one campus, if available.

Residency programs

Fellowship programs

Allergy programs

Cardiology programs

Endocrinology programs

Gastroenterology and hepatology programs

General, geriatric, and hospital medicine programs

Hematology and hematology/oncology programs

Hospice and palliative medicine programs

Infectious diseases programs

Nephrology programs

Pulmonary and critical care medicine programs

Rheumatology programs

Sleep medicine programs

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