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Aerospace Medicine Fellowship (Minnesota)

Department and Faculty

The goal of the Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine at Mayo Clinic is to reduce the medical, financial and occupational burdens of preventable disease and injury through prevention, screening and education. Specialists are trained in internal medicine or family medicine as well as preventive, occupational, hyperbaric, aviation medicine and psychiatry. Several of our physicians are board-certified in preventive, occupational and/or aviation medicine.

Mayo's Aerospace Medicine program was born in the 1930s with a core team of physiologists, technicians, engineers and flight surgeons who introduced technologies that would later reshape aviation medicine.

The program has evolved into a modern resource for pilots, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and corporate flight departments. From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight physicals to specialized physiological training of pilots and cabin crew, the Mayo Aerospace Medicine program participates in a variety of activities applicable to recreational pilots, professional air transport personnel, and individuals traveling in high altitude environments.

Many of the members of the staff in Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine have civilian and/or military flight experience. The combined expertise in the fields of Aerospace Medicine, Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Psychiatry and Pulmonary Medicine can be brought to bear in treatment through Mayo's team approach to best assist the aviator.

Executive Flight physicals, performed on pilots of corporate flight departments and other professional organizations, are an extension of Mayo's Executive Health program. This program design makes it possible to combine a comprehensive preventive health examination with the forensic aspects of the FAA flight physical while utilizing examiners who are familiar with and understand the importance of appropriate reporting and expeditious processing of pilot data.

Certain medical conditions may be disqualifying for pilots under FAA regulations. However, with waivers termed "Special Issuance Authorizations," pilots may continue to fly with a time-limited certificate. Mayo Clinic specializes in complex aerospace medical consulting for pilots of all training levels and type ratings.

Mayo Aerospace Medicine also participates in aerospace medical directorship of aircraft in flight and specialized services for flying passengers in conjunction with Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response under the direction of Mayo Clinic Medical Transport.

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In addition to clinical practice, administrative responsibilities and research interests, Mayo Clinic's faculty members are committed to teaching and facilitating the growth of medical knowledge. Faculty in the Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine are actively involved in public health, occupational medicine, aviation medicine, education, administration, quality improvement and health communications.

Advisors and mentors

You will be assigned a faculty mentor who can provide comprehensive educational advice and personal support. Your advisor also will serve as a contact point, introducing you and your family to Rochester and the Mayo Clinic system.

Visiting professors

Many prominent professors visit Mayo Clinic each year. They present their work during noon and/or morning lectures and participate in hospital rounds. You will be encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities.

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