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Dental Specialties, Periodontics (Minnesota)


In the dental specialty elective of periodontics, students have the opportunity to examine patients with the staff and residents and participate in discussion, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Students may also observe treatment and procedures being performed.

Specific goals

  1. Develop an understanding of the specialty of periodontics.
  2. Develop an understanding of complex periodontal rehabilitation including various surgical procedures such as implant therapy, both hard and soft tissue regenerative procedures, disease control surgery, perio plastic surgery, and those procedures necessary to support comprehensive prosthodontic and orthodontic rehabilitation.
  3. Demonstrate patient care requiring a coordinated inter- and intradisciplinary approach including physicians, dentists, and dental specialists.
  4. Develop clinical skills to triage for periodontics consultation and treatment.

Activity outline

Students attend and participate in periodontic and interdisciplinary dental seminars. Students also observe patients undergoing active care in treatment settings including an outpatient clinic and the hospital operating room. Students review records illustrating treatment responses and records illustrating patient care coordinated with other specialties of medicine and dentistry. Attendance is expected at review conferences to answer dental questions commonly asked by physicians.

Method of evaluation

Students are evaluated on their understanding of the basic knowledge they gained and on their participation in scheduled activities during their rotation in periodontics. Staff and residents participate in this process, and their collective input is verbally shared with the student by the program director at the end of the rotation. A written report is transmitted to the chair of the Department of Dental Specialties Education Committee.

Application process

Eligible candidates must:

  • Currently attend a U.S. or Canadian dental school
  • Be a third- or fourth-year dental student in good academic standing with their dental school
  • Have received the required immunizations

U.S. and Canadian dental students

To apply for the periodontics rotation, email the following documents: