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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Dental Specialties, Periodontics (Minnesota)


In the dental specialty elective of periodontics, students examine patients with the staff and residents and have the opportunity to participate in discussion, diagnosis and treatment planning. Students also may observe treatment being performed and post-treatment results on recall patients.

Specific goals

  1. Learn to define periodontal disease.
  2. Recognize periodontal disease and palliative treatment when indicated.
  3. Recognize hard and soft tissue lesions and infections of the oral cavity.

Activity outline

Students have the opportunity to observe clinical treatment, including periodontal examination, calculus removal, oral hygiene instructions, outpatient periodontal surgery and postoperative care. Students also are encouraged to assess the status of their own dental health through a complete dental examination and dental radiographs.

Method of evaluation

Students are graded on the basis of general knowledge, participation in scheduled activities and attendance.