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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Internal Medicine, General Consultation Service (Minnesota)


Students are assigned to the general internal medicine consultation service covering Saint Marys Campus and Methodist Campus of Mayo Clinic Hospital. They will be working as part of a team with two internal medicine residents and a consultant.

Specific goals

  1. Learn the principles of effective medical consultation.
  2. Learn about the process of medical consultation including determining what question is being asked by the consulting service, reviewing the medical database, interviewing and examining the patient and appropriate friends/family members, formulating an answer and management plan to address the questions asked to the consult service.
  3. Learn the principles of preoperative medical assessment including specific evaluation of cardiac risks and perioperative patient management.
  4. Become familiar with the management of geriatric patients with orthopedic injuries, specifically the management of common perioperative complications such as postoperative delirium, perioperative cardiac complications, and deep venous thrombosis.

Activity outline

Students will participate in the day-to-day workings of the general internal medicine consultation service. Appropriate consultation requests will be provided to the student who will then determine the question being asked of the consultation service, review the patient's medical database, and perform an appropriate history and physical examination on the patient, review the patient case with one of the medical residents and/or the medical consultant, and formulate an appropriate impression and management plan. Appropriate discussion and teaching will occur after presentation of the case as well as during morning sit-down rounds. During the course of the rotation the student will be asked to perform in depth reviews of certain particularly interesting patient problems and provide a short, informal presentation during the sit-down rounds.

Method of evaluation

The student will be evaluated by the consultant using formal grading sheets, narrative comments, and verbal feedback.