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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine (Minnesota)


The Preventive Medicine Clerkship, offered through Mayo's Division of Preventive, Occupational, and Aerospace Medicine, provides senior medical students an opportunity to learn firsthand the principles and applications of general preventive medicine, occupational medicine, and public health. This is accomplished with clinical and field experiences as well as interactive exercises pertinent to the specialty. Experiential learning forms the backbone of this rotation. A syllabus and instructional resources including articles, video presentations, and PowerPoint presentations are provided for literature review of the specialty.

Specific goals

  • Gain experience in the application of preventive and occupational health principles in the clinical setting, and appreciate the principles of population based care in a Public Health setting.
  • Participate in a study project intended to focus learning on a subject area in which students have a strong personal interest, and create an instructional module (usually a PowerPoint) to teach future students

Activity outline

The students' time is divided between clinical/field experiences and a study project preferably selected before beginning the clerkship. Clinical/field assignments are made primarily in the Division of Preventive Medicine and affiliated groups at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, including Occupational health practice, Preventive Services clinic, and the Olmsted County Public Health Department. Direct patient contact in many of these areas is required. The entire rotation lasts three to a maximum of 4 weeks as best fits with the student's scheduling needs. All students are encouraged to attend clinical and public health conferences on related subjects.

Method of evaluation

Students are evaluated on the basis of satisfactory participation in the clinical/field assignments and a final project presentation. A review of each student's general performance is provided at the end of the rotation by the clerkship director.