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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Surgery, Plastic (Minnesota)


The clerkship student functions as a subintern on one of the plastic surgery teams on the Saint Marys campus or Methodist campus of Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester. As a member of the team, students evaluate patients in the outpatient clinic, participate in hospital rounds, scrub for surgical procedures and participate in call with the plastic surgery residents.

Specific goals

  1. Achieve a basic level of understanding of plastic surgery disease processes, procedures, and pre- and post-operative care
  2. Gain a basic level of training in suturing techniques and in sterile procedures around the operating room
  3. Improve knowledge base as it pertains to plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery
  4. Become familiar with the scope of plastic surgery

Activity outline

Students attend rounds with their team each morning. They are involved in surgical procedures and have the opportunity to participate as assistants in the operating room, as well as perform some basic procedures such as suturing. They participate in conferences with the residents along with cadaver labs and visiting professor lectures.

Method of evaluation

Each student rotates with two services. The staff consultant and resident for each rotation evaluate the student.